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Packaging Foam Solutions

Foam Packaging Specialties has over four decades of experience providing our clients with industry leading foam packaging solutions that work, You can rely on our team of in-house experts to design and fabricate custom packaging for your product that are both cost-effective and time-tested. Our state-of-the-art machinery and facility located in Tempe, AZ allows for extensive manufacturing capabilities. We are a high volume facility that can quickly design, engineer, and create a custom prototype for your review prior to short or long-run production.

We create custom packaging solutions for any type of product and industry. We also offer cleanroom packaging services, as our facility includes a ISO 7 (class10,000) cleanroom. Our cleanroom services offer protection against product contamination during the packaging process. Clients in the automotive, electronic, medical, and semiconductor industries utilize our cleanroom packaging soluions to protect their electronics and delicate components during shipping and storage.

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Our Custom Foam Packaging Solutions

Protective Packaging Foam

Foam packaging is widely used for protective packaging because it offers a cost-effective protective packaging solution that  is durable, shock absorbing and light weight, which heps to reduce shipping costs.

Anti-Static/ ESD Packaging Foam

Anti-Static foam is used in packaging solutions for electronic devices and parts to hep dissipate electro-static charges. These types of foam are made from static dissipative polyurethane and polyethylene.

Case Inserts Foam

Foam Inserts provide a crucial role in protective packaging as they provide extra protection by cushioning sensitive products. Foam inserts are available in different thicknesses made from polyethylene and polyurethane.

Reuseable Packaging Foam 

Many types of foams can be recovered, refurbished or re-manufactured and are  reusable for protective packaging solutions. We use this foam in many of our packaging solutions.

Insulated Packaging Foam

    Insulated foams are used during transportantion to prevent excessive heat or cold from damaging the product being shipped. They also help regulate and keep temperatures constant.

    Foam Packaging Trays

    Foam trays offer a high level of protection, especially for small or fragile items. These trays are made in different densities and foam types dependent on the type of product being protected.

    Packaging Inserts & Dividers Foam

      Foam inserts and dividers are normally custom designed to the product being protected. They offer excellent protection with cushioning, shock absorbing, vibration dampening and insulation qualities.

      Packaging End Caps Foam

        Foam end caps are custom designed for the product being protected. We use a variety of foams including polyurethane, polyethylene, and other materials. End caps offer great protection by securing a product and having cushioning qualities.

        Packaging Dunnage Foam

        Packaging dunnage is used as protective cushions that fill empty spaces within a box or carton. This ensures the maximum protection and stability for products of any shape or size. The foams used are load bearing, flexible, shock absorbing, and light weight.

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        What are packaging solutions?

        Packaging Solutions Protect Items During Shipping and Storage. This Can Consist of the Box, Internal Foam Trays, Inserts, Sheets, Rolls and Other Packaging Materials

        What kind of foam is used for packaging?

        We Use a Wide Variety of Foams in Our Packaging Solutions, Including Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Anti-Static, MIL-SPEC, EPS and Other Variations of These Foams and Materials.

        What is the process of packaging?

        Packaging Consists of Developing a Product or Item Specific Box and Internal Foam Trays, End Caps, Sheets, Rolls and Other Materials to Protect Products During Shipping and Storage.

        What is the strongest type of foam?

        Polyethylene and Variations of Polyethylene Are Often Considered the Strongest Type of Foam. We Use This Foam in Many of Our Custom Protective Packaging Solutions.

        What Foams Are used in cleanroom packaging?

        Polyethylene In Various Forms is the Most Common Type of Foam We Use In Cleanroom Packaging Solutions. These Closed Cell Foams Have Low Particle Emission & Excellent Shock Absorbtion.

        What is the difference between PE and EVA foam?

        EVA Foam Has a Similar Appearence to PE Foam But Has a Far More Rubbery and Resilient Feel. EVA Foam Has Great Recovery and is Used For Items in Physically Demanding Applications.

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