We Carry a Wide Variety of Foam Products That Are Used in Our Foam Packaging Solutions. This Includes Specialty Foams Like MIL-SPEC, Anti-Static and Other Materials.


Foam Products

Why We Are Different

At Foam Packaging Specialties we use the highest quality foams to create industry leading protective packaging for our clients. These custom foam packaging solutions are designed and fabricated to the exact specifications of the industry and item that is being protected. You can rely on our decades of experience and time-tested methods to deliver a cost-effective solution that offers premium product protction during shipping.

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Our Foam Manufacturing Capabilities

Our foam is die-cut to precision using the latest technologies to provide optimum item protection.

We use state-of-the-art tools to make profile cuts in for our foam protective packaging products.

Product Prototyping/ Engineering

We can quickly design, engineer, and fabricate a custom packaging prototype for review prior to the start of production with no delay.

We use various types of laminated foam in our packaging including polyethylene, polyurethane, EVA, polypropylene and cross-linked foam.

We use hot wire cutting technology on polystyrene foams and other materials in our protective packaging solutions.

Foam Sheets and Liquid Foam for Composites 

We use these for structural core materials for composite laminates to add extra strength and stiffness.

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Speciality Foam Products

We design and fabricate a wide range of specialty foam products that are product and industry specific for use in our protective packaging solutions. We use the highest quality foams in all of our packaging solutions to deliver industry leading results every time.

Foam Products We Manufacturer

We design and manufacture a variety of foam products for use in our protective packaging solutions. This includes foam trays, end caps, sheets, rolls, inserts and other packaging materails.

Industrial Foam Products

We create innovative packaging solutions utilizing industrial foam products for clients in this product specific industry. These clients typically have unique packaging needs and rely on us to provide the ideal solution to offer maximum protection for their products.

Custom foam Products

We have created specialty foam products for use in protective packaging solutions for nearly fifty years. Your business can rely on our experience and our time-tested methods to deliver premium packaging that is both cost-effective and industry leading.


We use the highest quality foams that are approved and both product and industry specific in all of our cleanroom packaging solutions. We utilize our ISO 7 cleanroom to provide a wide variety of packaging services for electronics and other delicate items.


We are family owned and have been the leaders in foam packaging in Arizona for nearly 50 years. We strive to deliver industry leading foam packaging solutions  that are cost-effective while treating each and every client like a menber of our family.