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Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam is excellent for use in protective packaging solutions because it is a cost-effective foam that is easy to manufacture and fabricate. Even though it is lightweight and durable, polyethylene is a very strong and long lasting material, as the sheets that we use are a resilient closed-cell foam, which will last longer and are tougher and stiffer than open-cell foam sheets. Polyethylene has many great packaging qualities, is easy to customize, and won’t add too much weight to packages. It is also shatterproof and has excellent buoyancy which allows it to be used in protective packaging for nautical products or items that need to be both flexible and water-resistant.

At Foam Packaging Specialties we use polyethylene foam in our packaging solutions for clients that need to protect electronics or delicate items during shipping and handling. Polyethylene offers high shock absorption, vibration dampening, and insulation components, and protects delicate products against the vibrations and impacts that often occur during transportation and storage. This foam will not stain, is resistant to tears, rips, rot, mold, and is impervious to mildew and bacteria. It also has superior chemical and grease resistance compared to other types of foam.

Polyethylene foam can also be used in protective packaging as end caps, top and bottom foam trays, packaging liners, and cushioning. The foam sheets we use come in different densities and colors and can be die-cut to the exact specifications of the product that is being protected. Polyethylene will handle repeated impacts and still maintain its original design and keep your product safe. For products that need to stay at a certain temperature, this foam has great insulation qualities and protects from the outside elements.

We work with polyethylene foams that are low density, high density, antistatic, and recycled foam. These foams can be customized to any color and grade, cut into any size, including convoluted foams. Since our inception in 1973 we have focused on providing high-quality protective packaging for our clients that is cost-effective. We do this by focusing on reducing material and labor costs while still ensuring our clients products are properly protected.

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