Polyurethane Foam Packaging Phoenix AZ

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is one of the leading foam products used in protective packaging solutions because of its versatility as it can be manipulated into many different forms. The polyurethane foam sheets that we use are a soft, spongy, open-cell foam that is dimensionally stable and will not twist, warp, or bow. We use these sheets in many different types of protective packaging because it is easy to mold and fit different types of products. It is especially good for items that are small in size, lightweight, or shock sensitive. Because of its soft nature, Polyurethane foam inserts are also used as padding to create proper protection when the foam will come in contact with sensitive or delicate products that will scratch or mar, like a computer monitor or television screen.

Another benefit of using PU foam packaging is it comes in different densities and can be fabricated in different ways, including being die-cut, sawed or glued. The physical characteristics of this foam make it excellent for convoluting, which is commonly used in protective packaging. This type of foam will also tolerate extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents, will absorb water, rot, decompose, or dissolve in sub-grade applications.

For products that are extremely fragile, we design custom die-cut solutions out of polyurethane foam to ensure the product receives the proper protective packaging. These flexible polyurethane foam sheets are ideal for sensitive and fragile products such as medical equipment, pharmaceutical materials, electronic components, and automotive products as it provides shock absorption, ESD control, blocking, bracing, and is resistant to dents.

Polyurethane foam is a high quality foam that has a low odor and is resistant to mildew, which makes it a great choice for moisture-sensitive products. We utilize this foam to protect many different products, as it is also available in ESD and anti-static, and can manufacture it in a variety of colors and densities to meet the exact specifications of your packaging needs.